Fjordhus to the four as Jack returns to the fray with opener

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Borders Fjordhus II 4

Watsonians III 0


FJORDHUS are going from strength to strength with yet another winning performance by the ladies’ second string.

With 10 goals scored without concession this side of Christmas, the team is really pulling together under new coach Debra Martin.

Janet Jack, on return from injury, led an unbeaten defence with Nicola Charters, Laura McColm and Vicky Ross ensuring that goal keeper Gillian Forsyth seldom felt under threat.

The midfield worked hard and controlled the game, keeping the ball in the Watsonian half and providing many goal-scoring opportunities. With two goals scored in either half, Janet Jack opened with a singular effort early on.

Striker Katie Francis scored a second by deflection after a clinical pass into the goal area by Yvonne Jack.

It was, however, the talents of striker Maddie Riddell, who twice managed to break down an excellent Watsonian goalkeeper, who put the result beyond doubt.

The ladies will be playing away this Saturday in Edinburgh and are hoping to capitalise on this excellent team effort.

Borders Fjordhus II: G. Forsyth, N. Charters, L. McColm, J. Jack, V. Ross, K. Marchbank, S. Robson, H. Hotchkiss, Y. Jack, M. Riddell, K. Francis.