Fjordhus Reivers 2-1 Glasgow University

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Fjordhus Reivers secured there first win of the National League season in a hard game with both teams putting maximum effort.

The opening goal was from a counter attack which started from a strong Reviers defensive move which saw a skilful two on one up the left wing make ground before the ball was passed to Maris Cawthorn who flicked it in to score the first goal.

Deadlock ensued for the remainder of the half which finished 1-0 to the hosts.

Glasgow Uni came back strong after the restart and the Fjordhus defence was put under a lot of pressure.

After much of the play being in the middle of the pitch, Reivers pushed up to try and secure there lead but Glasgow managed to get the ball up the line for their winger to make a very quick counter attack.

The play remained within the Reivers 25 with the ball being played around the D and two shots being taken with rebounds off the Fjordhus keeper before Uni took another shot and pushed it in at the post to level the score.

Both teams really pushed hard in the following minutes but once again it was the Reivers outfit who took play up to Glasgow’s defence for the majority of the second half. This dominance allowed Rhona Gowans to sweep a fast ball into the D for Iona Kellet to score off a reverse hit to gain victory.