Fjordhus battle weather in the north

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Merlins II2

Fjordhus Reivers0

IT WAS the second week in a row the intrepid Borders ladies had made the journey north to Aberdeen in their National Hockey League quest.

They were greeted with some unfavourable weather conditions which included driving wind and rain.

The game started with two early goals for the home side as a result of lack of concentration.

However, the Reivers sorted out their defensive shape and looked much more organised. As the game progressed the action was ever-accumulating.

Rhona Gowans, age 14, made her debut senior appearance for the club and showed excellent workrate and determination, while Leia Mackinnon made some piercing runs forward, creating opportunities for the visitors.

At half-time, stalwart Janet Jack rallied the troops and they approached the remaining 35 minutes with renewed vigour.

This determination from the Reivers ladies created plenty of chances and won a number of short corners, but, unfortunately, they were unable to close the deficit.

The Borderers generated a barrage of attacking play but were denied occasions numerous by an exceptional Merlin’s keeper.

All in all, a good effort in very difficult conditions.