Family ties at Laidlaw final

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LAST week’s Agrii Border League session offered up four rather one-sided games, writes Alistair Lindsay.

St Boswells beat Chirnside 10-3, then a worthy win by Lees at 10-6 over Ayton Castle, Swinton 12-5 against Jedburgh, and lastly Yester overcame Foulden 10-4.

The Sheepbreeders and feeders held their umpteenth annual competition for the Hope Hunter trophy on keen swinging ice at Kinross last Thursday, and a win was posted by the south of the Forth squad, three wins and a peel.

Borderers present were Frank Forrest, Andrew Ker, Willie Pate, Ian Dykes, David Macalpine, Alistair Lindsay and, most importantly, Colin Stirling, secretary and organiser of this long-standing event.

The Laidlaw Trophy came to an end on Friday evening with a slightly one-sided final between a battle-hardened Coldstream, who came winning through from a prelim round awhile back, to defeat an Earlston development rink, who had beaten Ayton Castle in the semi-final.

Coldstream had won against Swinton in the other semi. The event was honoured by the presence of Bill Laidlaw, from Cumledge House, who presented the trophy. Bill gave an entertaining resume on his forebears one of whom donated the cup in 1929. This would be the first time in many years that a Laidlaw will have made this presentation.

This week’s evening ice is taken up by the Matthew Templeton Trophy, which has attracted a good selection of rinks old and young.