Fab Abb hold their nerve

THE Second Division of the Borders Pool League provided a dramatic end to the season with Fleece one point clear of Abbotsford and High Level at the start of play.

Things went wrong for Fleece early doors and eventually they went down tamely to a rejuvenated Waverley B.

High Level were two frames up with three to play against the Dryburgh and they also blew it, losing all three, leaving the Abb with a great chance which they took in style, blowing away their opponents to clinch a last-gasp league title in their first season.

Results: Abbotsford (Gala) 9 White Swan (Kelso) 2; Ship B (Melrose) 8 Kings Arms (Melrose) 3; High Level (Hawick) 5 Dryburgh (Newtown) 6; Fleece (Selkirk) 5 Waverley B (Hawick) 6.