Ettrick Forest Archers have a marathon of their own

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ON THE weekend of the London Marathon, several Ettrick Forest Archers came out in sympathy, shooting in competitions on both Saturday and Sunday.

And what’s more, Saturday’s Spring Target competition at Culzean Castle was one of the toughest on the circuit, with gents shooting a York round (six dozen arrows at 100yds, four dozen at 80 yards and two dozen at 60 yards), and the ladies a double National round (two rounds each of four dozen at 60 yards and two dozen at 50 yards).

There were no medals for the local archers on this occasion, but these rounds are rarely shot at Selkirk, especially the 100-yard target.

Top male Selkirk archer was Mike Pearson with 50 hits, 180 score and three golds, while Jim Craig had 9, 29, 0.

Alan Fleming took the title, with Alan Beatty best score and John McCulloch the most golds.

And although Elaine Pearson shot a 103, 469, 7; the big score of the day was Ev Craig’s 41, 181, 2 – this score earned her fourth place in scores in her first BL-BS competition, a remarkable feat.

Highland’s Barbara Campbell won the ladies’ competition, with Sandra Russell claiming the best score and Lynn Fleming most golds.

Only three of the Souters went on to compete in the Andrew Mackay Double Clout round at Mugdock the following day – but they were joined by clubmates Jim Stillie, Doug Anderson and Kevin Janiak.

Once again, the Mugdock wind caused havoc with the arrows, but the EFA members did enough to get into the medals.

In the ladies’ competition, Barbara Campbell took the trophy back to the Highlands, but Elaine Pearson (39 hits, 103 score, 1 clout) won the first round medal and the home club’s Jay Valls Morgan claimed the second round.

Campbell beat Pearson in the best-ends shoot-off by a bow-length.

In the gents’ event, competition organiser Hugh McBrien of Glasgow won the title, but the first and second round medals were won by Selkirk archers Stillie and Anderson respectively.

And Pearson and Janiak had shot enough best ends to go into the shoot-off with McBrien and the home club’s John McKellar, but McBrien once again proved tough to beat, beating Pearson in a tight measure, by a bowlength.

Gents’ scores: Doug Anderson 38, 81, 0; Jimmy Stillie 32, 72, 0; Mike Pearson 25, 60, 1; Kevin Janiak 20, 40, 0; Jim Craig 16, 25, 0.

This Sunday sees the rare York/Double National shot at the field for the monthly club target competition, so those who were at Culzean should benefit from their extra practise.

The start time for this shoot is 11am prompt.