Eland masters the sprint at Lauder Games

Gordon Eland 1st place at the Lauder Games.
Gordon Eland 1st place at the Lauder Games.

Having been travelling up from the Lake District for more than 50 years to compete on the Border Games circuit, Cumbrian sprinter Gordon Eland said he would have come no matter what the weather

Fortunately for Eland, and the good few others in attendance at the first running of Lauder Games on Sunday, the weather stayed fine at the 68-year-old sizzled on the track when winning the showcase 90 metre sprint event.

Running from a mark of 26 metres Eland broke the tape in the final ahead of visiting Aussie John Hilditch (12.5m) and Craig Smith (TLJT) (7.5m) who took second and third respectively.

Eland told The Southern: “There was a group of us who ran in races in our own area until we were about 15 and then we were told there was better money in the Borders so we started coming up.

“It was like a magnetic force pulling us.

“We have been coming ever since, although it is a smaller group now, and still thoroughly enjoy it.”

Eland also competes on the World Masters stage and added: “I’m looking forward to competing the 70s age group – it’s only 18-months away – so all this practice is standing me in good stead for that.”

See Thursday’s Southern Reporter for full Lauder Games report and more pictures.


Youths’ B 90m: 1, A. Fuller (Chirnside) 26m; 2, I. Goodfellow (TLJT) 33m; 3, E. Brus (TLJT) 31m. Winning time: 9.62 seconds.

Youths’ A 90m: 1, R. McKean (Hawick) 15.5m; 2, G. Goodfellow (TLJT) 18m; 3, C. Caldwell (TLJT) 7m. 9.68 seconds.

800m Open: 1, C. Welsh (Kelso) 30m; 2, E. Pettigrew (Jed AC) 65m; 3, K. Potts (TLJT) 80m. 1 minute 58.72 seconds.

Open 90m: 1, G. Eland (Broughton-in-Furness) 26m; 2, J. Hilditch (Australia) 12.5m; 3, C. Smith (TLJT) 7.5m. 9.62 seconds.

Youths’ 800m: 1, J. Abbott (Kelso) 165m; 2, F. Clyne (Teviotdale) 190m; 3, W. Darling (Berwick) 115m. 1 minute 53.14 seconds.

Youths’ B 200m: 1, K. Womack (Hawick) 55m; 2, S. Davenport (TLJT) 54m; 3, M. Paterson (TLJT) 49m. 23.03 seconds.

Youths’ A 200m: 1, A. Johnstone (TLJT) 22m; 2, D. Patterson (TLJT) 25m; 3, L. Munro (TLJT) 34m. 23.18 seconds.

200m Open: 1, C. Smith (TLJT) 35m; 2, W. McGowan (Sauchie) 45m; 3, E. Pettigrew (Jed AC) 25m. 20.40 seconds.

1,600m Open: 1, C. Rendle (Innerleithen) 150m; 2, C. Welsh (Kelso) 70m; 3, K. Potts (TLJT) 190m. 4 minutes 38.80 seconds.