Edinburgh Uni IX 0-0 Fjordhus Reivers IV

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A four o’clock pass back meant cold and dark conditions for the young Fjordhus Reivers IV who travelled to Peffermill on Saturday.

The university side made a positive start however the Reivers team defended strongly and took possession. The Borders side were able to link well and attack the home sides circle on numerous occasions. However, the strong Edinburgh defence and a lack of clinical finishing in the circle denied any goals.

On occasion the city side staged a fast attack. Despite their fast breaks however the home side were halted by the Borders defence with great saves and decision making from goal keeper Hazel Kevan.

The second half played out much the same, but now with the unwanted addition of the rain. The Borders team maintained great possession and sustained pressure in the Edinburgh circle. Countless attacks again were formed, with the Reivers players and spectators becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of goals from all of their efforts.

Despite the Borders side working well as a team and achieving many shots at goal the home keeper made super saves which allowed their team to maintain a clean sheet. The final whistle was blown with no goals scored.