Duns club loves a tryer

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As PART of the Lothians, Borders & Fife Festival of Sport, ArcheryDuns will be holding a Come-And-Try on Saturday, from 10am-2pm, in the Volunteer Hall, Duns.

This will be an opportunity to give the sport a bash or just to meet members. If hooked, you can apply for beginners training or for full membership.

Please note all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian – they will not be allowed to shoot without one, but if they can hold a bow on their own they can have a go.

ArcheryDuns has now been going for a year and half and is able to offer all kinds of shooting opportunities with different bow types and shooting styles, ranging from longbows through to modern recurve bows.

The club has facilities to shoot indoor targets at 20yds to outdoor targets at 100yds; outdoor clout shooting (140yds/180yds) and flight shooting (to 250yds) and field archery (25 x 2D & 3D animal targets in a woodland setting.

For more information, visit; email or tel: 07989 698425.