Duke of Buccleuch Show Results

MEMBERS of the Duke of Buccleuch Pony Club enjoyed their annual show, held by kind permission of John Swan, at Newtown Auction Mart.

The results of the hotly contested categories are as follows:

Adult Dressage P4: 1, Katie Fainsworth (Gordon); 2, Victoria Walton (Luke); 3, Katie-Jo Nixon (Chile).

Adult Dressage P7: 1, Katie Dun (Toby); 2, Victoria Walton (Luke); 3, Katie-Jo Nixon (Chili).

Group A Dressage P4: 1, Joanna Mitchell (Boston); 2, Imogen Johnston-Jones (Kilkenny Mist).

Adult Showjumping

Novice: 1, Christine Gray (Ettrick Pure); 2, Amy Coltherd (Darkwood Peru); 3, Kirst Veitch (Jake).

Nursery: 1, Katie-Jo Nixon (Chile); 2, Clive Storey (Spof); 3, Niomi Patterson (Honey).

Group A: 1, Joanne Mitchell (Boston); 2, Louise Hebdon (Rock on Raffy); 3, Mel Foggan (Caramac).

Group B: 1, Georgie Buchan (Golden Hill Cherry); 2, Duncan McFadyen (Here Comes Molly); 3, Lucinda Crawford (Sum it Up).

Group C: 1, Alex Edgar (Sparky); 2, Katy McFadyen (Beauty); 3, Katy McFadyen (Cara).

Group D: 1, Daisy Scott-Watson (Iona); 2, Isobel Mactaggart (Harmony); 3, Amelie Johnston-Jones (Aero).

Lead Rein Showjumping: 1, Elliot Hedley (Fudge); 2, Zander Mactaggart (Norman); 3, Archie Anderson (Dondo).

Working Hunter

Novice: 1, Kirsty Brewis (Maddie); 2, Victoria Walton (Luke); 3, Libby Todd (Murphy).

Group A: 1, Joanne Mitchell (Boston); 2, Louise Hebson (Rock on Raffy); 3, Martha Todd (Humbug).

Group B: 1, Lucinda Crawford (The Raindancer); 2, Lucinda Crawford (Sum It Up); 3, Georgie Buchan (Golden Hill Cherry).

Group C: 1, Georgie Denne (Charlie); 2, Vicky Edgar (Another Adventure); 3, Emma Brown (Bert).

Championship winner: Lucinda Crawford (The Raindancer).