Derring-do as three tie for Woollies

IN THE finale of the Winter Woollies competitions last weekend there was plenty of drama and acts of derring-do.

Three winter regulars tied for first place with Neil Beaumont, Norman Roxburgh and R. J. Wilson, aka the Desperado, recording nett 32s.

Five golfers holed out in two to win golf balls courtesy of Murray Cleghorn: Drew Reid, Mickey Robertson, Norman Roxburgh, Billy Macdonald and Chalmers Stillie whose two at the sixth came from a putt from well off the green (well, you would have putted too after all those shanks.) Golf bit back, as it does, and he walked off the eighth green to the strains of Al Jolson’s Mammie.

Although missing out on the twos, Alistair McVie shot down a seagull to enforce the no-fly zone on the eighth fairway.

Thanks are due to those who supported the winter golf competitions. Best wishes to them all for the coming season which starts on Saturday.