Curlers ready for action

THE subject of this despatch relates to the Dales, Glen and Teviot, writes Alistair Lindsay.

Glendale CC are gathering in strength, both in numbers and in competition, having battled through their Agrii Border League section to the finals which they won in a very hard game against Earlston.

Within their own club events, there was the usual tough competition, interspersed with plenty of good-natured craic throughout.

Andrew Dixon is club president, Candice Bell is a very clued-up secretary, while the treasure at the treasury is the one and only Caroline Cumming.

Over at Teviotdale there is a fairly stable membership, both numerically, and well-balanced gender and age-wise.

No big wins were marked up in club and province competitions, but participation is the name of the game.

Geoff Kaye presides, with Margaret Allan as his deputy. Anne Macauley continues as secretary and, likewise, Gail Hislop is in charge of the club funds.

So, here we are, on the threshold of a new season, the 49th for Kelso Ice Rink all ready – how time flies when enjoyment is involved.

The club AGM is likely to be on Thursday, September 13 when office bearers will be shuffled and redealt in the customary democratic fashion.