Controversy and consolidation

POOL League Cup groups saw mostly consolidation last week with Reivers A, High Level A and Waverley A all heading their sections, while Station and Reivers B fight it out in Group A.

The result of the week was Niki’s A whitewashing the Bridge A, closely followed by Frankie’s dishing out Niki’s B’s first defeat.

The rest all went to form, though Waverley A had a tough fight edging out the Fleece and Waverley B won a difficult and controversial derby against High Level B, which resulted in complaints being lodged from both teams to be heard at the next meeting.

Results – Group A: Bridge B (Gala) 3 Station (Hawick) 6; High Level B (Hawick) 4 Waverley B (Hawick 5). Group B: Reivers A (Gala) 7 Ship B (Melrose) 2; Ship A (Melrose) 6 Dryburgh (Newtown) 3. Group C: Nikis A (Gala) 9 Bridge A (Gala) 0; Red Lion (Kelso) 3 High Level A (Hawick) 6. Group D: Waverley A (Hawick) 5 Fleece (Selkirk) 4; Frankies (Hawick) 5 Nikis B (Gala) 4.