Complacent thirds lose their grip

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Dunbar Ladies I3

Fjordhus Reivers III1

Having enjoyed a three-game winning streak and a spell at the top of East League Three, 
Reivers third string allowed complacency to creep in last weekend.

Dunbar were able to control the pace of the match from the opening whistle, drawing on the experience within their team. Reivers looked green to the challenge and lost two early goals.

The commitment and tireless efforts of Katy Nimmo and Caitlin Wright brought shape and composure back into the Reivers side and the second half was more evenly contested.

Yvonne Nelson enjoyed a positive debut for Reivers, initiating some fine tackles and 
penetrating balls.

This instilled confidence into the young side, which peaked in a much-deserved goal from Wright.

However, Dunbar then scored the third and winning goal from a fast break, despite determined 
channelling from Emma Grieve and Orla Keefe.