Comets trail 
Berwick all night

Workington Comets 41

Berwick Bandits 49

This Premier League match was always looked upon as a tough one for Berwick, but early on they took the Comets completely unawares and held it to the end to take all four points.

David Bellego bagged heat one with ease as Kevin Doolan shot round Mason Campton in an opening 2-4, and Steen Jensen got the better of Ashley Morris early on in heat two as Liam Carr battled back round Chris Mills midrace in a second 2-4.

Ricky Wells and Kyle Howarth were looking set for a 5-1 in the third until Howarth fell on the last bend when in front to share the race 3-3.

Heat four, won by Claus Vissing, and five, led by Wells, were both 3-3s too, before Josh Grajczonek took a solid win well out in front of heat six, followed by Vissing and Campton in a Comets’ 4-2 to narrow Berwick’s lead to 17-19.

But Bellego and Jensen were at it again in heat eight for a fantastic Bandits’ 1-5.

Vissing and Grajczonek won the two subsequent 3-3s, and Doolan beat Rene Bach in the 11th with Bellego saw to Mills before another pair of 3-3s.

The last two races of the night saw Jensen pick up a massive burst of drive to blast from last to first on bend two of the penultimate heat before skipper Matthew Wethers took them over the line with one race to go.