Coaching Lives – week one: Bruce Scott

Number of years coach: Seven

Club: Tweed Leader Jed Track (TLJT)

Base: Tweedbank Athletics Stadium

Number of athletes: 30

Hours of training per week: Seven hours (five on track and two in gym)

Greatest achievement in coaching: The formation of the club and watching its development and transformation to date. We have built a great team at the club

Inspiration: Undoubtedly Jock Steede, who inspired me as an athlete and in life. He taught me discipline, self respect, and if you miss a training session, that’s one up to the opposition. His methods when I started still form the backbone of the schedules I write today

What makes a good athlete: Attitude. Someone who is prepared to take ownership of their own development and who is prepared to ditch the excuses for failure

Most enjoy about coaching: The satisfaction that an athlete who commits gets, when they realise that the hard work they have put in starts to pay them back

Least enjoy: Athletes turning up late for training or athletes failing to turn up without giving notice. It is disrespectful

Aims for 2012: To continue to develop the club. Help to promote athletics through after-school clubs at various primary schools. Encourage athletes to aim at realistic goals and keep looking at the next rung on the ladder – who knows, we may be helping kickstart a future Olympian on their journey