Coaching Lives ‑ Profiling Borders athletic coaches: Week six John Barr Steede

Number of years as a coach: Since early to mid 1970s.

Club: TLJT.

Base: Elliot Park, Jedburgh; Jedburgh Sports Centre; Tweedbank Sports Complex.

Number of athletes: 25-30 of all ages.

Hours of training per week: My wife would say too many! Five or six sessions of around an hour-and-a-half every week.

Greatest achievement in coaching: I have many and I get great satisfaction in watching my athletes do well, but the one that really stands out was when my niece Karen Cochrane became the first female to win the Jed Sprint in 2004. It was a proud moment and a bit of history. (John was Jed Sprint champ himself in 1963 and 1972).

Inspiration: My uncle Robert Barr. He was a former British half mile champion and way ahead of his time in coaching terms. He had me punching a speed ball in the early 50s, long before they became part of a regular training routine, and I still use a lot of his methods to this day.

What makes a good athlete: My recipe for success is: dedication, motivation and determination, mixed with a large amount of natural ability, mental strength and driving ambition. Who could ask for anything more than that?

Most enjoy about coaching: Being actively involved in working with the youngsters and watching them do well on the various circuits.

Least enjoy: Our climate! Also the fact that we are not blessed with ideal facilities here in the Borders which I feel sets us back a bit. We have a great crop of youngsters coming through who train week in, week out to improve. They deserve some indoor training facilities to help them to do that.

Aims for 2012 and beyond: My home town of Jedburgh has a long and proud history, stretching back to the early 19th century. I would hope to be able to help to continue that success and leave behind a great sporting legacy.