Clouts aplenty as season starts

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THE sun shone on Ettrick Forest Archers on Sunday as they launched their new season with a remarkably tight clout competition.

The scores – well up on previous years – reflect the dry conditions, but not the wind, which blew in just about any direction it wanted and made it more than tricky for all involved.



Taking top spot in the gents’ 180-yard clout was Martin Stillie with 29 hits for a score of 71 and one clout. Alan Lindsay headed the first round with a remarkable 18, 36, 0, while Doug Anderson and his new bow took the second half with 15, 35, 0.

Once the totals were added up, Silver Arrow winner Lindsay was only four points behind Stillie, with Anderson a further three behind, meaning one arrow could have changed it completely.

Colin Cairney grabbed the first clout of the season, only to be bettered soon after by Elaine Pearson with a superb double on the same end. She went on to hit another for a grand total of three for the day, helping her take first place in the ladies competition, shot over the shorter distance of 120 yards. Jenna Agate in second place also showed improvement.

If this first day’s shooting is anything to go by, then the Selkirk-based club should certainly push the other Scottish clubs all the way in the British Longbow Society events this year, several of which are being hosted at Thirladean, by kind permission of field owner Sir Michael Strang Steel.

The full results from Sunday were as follows: Gents: 1, Martin Stillie 29, 71, 1; 2, Alan Lindsay 31, 67, 0; 3, Doug Anderson 30, 64, 0; 4, Kevin Janiak 24, 63, 0; 5, Mike Pearson 27, 57, 1; 6, Colin Cairney 23, 50, 1; 7, Jim Craig 21, 47, 1; 8, Jimmy Stillie 21, 42, 0; 9, Richard Tice 15, 34, 0; 10, William Good 4, 6, 0; 11, Rhuary Horsburgh 0, 0, 0; 13, Kevin Drummond 3, 8, 0 (retired after first round).

Ladies: Elaine Pearson 53, 147, 3; 2, Jenna Agate 48, 114, 0.