ON Monday night Kelso Wheelers held a 12-mile time trial on the Carham course.

The wet weather made it a puddle-dodging exercise, with some better at it than others. Six riders recorded personal best times, but on the night Kenny Darling was happiest in the wet conditions, winning in a personal best time of 26 minutes and 30 seconds.

Other results: 2, D. Burgher 27.31; 3, J. Smith 28.00pb; 4, C. Stevenson 28.51pb; 5, S. Gaunt 29.52pb; 6, D. Richardson 30.00pb; 7, I. McKenzie 30.06; 8, R. Ure 30.12; 9, K. Wilson 31.51; 10, A. Martin 36.39; 11, D. Whitecross 38.27pb.

This coming Monday sees a 10-mile time trial on the Birgham course, sign on no later than 6.30pm at Woodside Park.