Brodie proves he’s sharpest in magic day

MIGHT as well start with the end of the story as the beginning – one gun was on fire at Braidwood on Sunday, lifting the first event trophy, the Ronnie Sharp Cup, cleaning the second layout and claiming the day’s aggregate title.

Jim Brodie (Denholm) could hardly put a foot wrong.

Brodie dropped three points on the first competition layout, finishing on 37 ex-40, two clays clear of runner-up, Kyle Smith (Dunbar). Sandy Burn (Kelso) was delighted with his third-placed score of 34, his best yet after returning to clay shooting recently following a break of several years.

Paul Allison (Cavers) could be forgiven if he felt cheated on the second layout as he only missed one clay, yet ended as runner-up. John Ross (Whitburn), David Bertram (Earlston) and Donald Livingston (Edinburgh) all shot 37 to share third place.

The first, and away leg, of the annual inter-club match versus East Lothian Gun Club takes place on Wednesday, July 13 at Fernielea.

Anyone wishing to take part should submit their name to Joyce as soon as possible or at the next competition on Sunday, July 3. Entries close at 12.30pm. All welcome.