Bowers takes sprint prize at capital event

Cumbie Bowers winner of 110m final sprint at the City of Edinburgh Games.
Cumbie Bowers winner of 110m final sprint at the City of Edinburgh Games.

The City of Edinburgh Running Festival celebrated its second anniversary on Friday evening and what a capital occasion it turned out to be.

Apart from being ran like clockwork there was some tip top running and exciting racing conjured up on the Meggetland track itself.

Flying Fifer Cumbie Bowers of Glenrothes in particular hit the fast lane in producing the goods to the full by winning the main event on the card – the 110 metres which had a first prize of £3,000.

Coached by Jimmy Beattie, Bowers showed he had something special to offer in his heat when breezing home in positive style from his 9 metres mark. Bowers then clocked up a winning time of 11.50 seconds in his cross tie.

This victory earning him a final place along with Kelso Games double winner Amy Clancy of Peebles (20m), Craig Grieve of TLJT (6.5m), Leigh Marshall of Hawick (6m), Kieran Reilly of Edinburgh (8m) and Ewan Dyer of Pitreavie (6.5m).

The stop watch pointed to a Bowers win and a Bowers win it turned out to be. After getting off to a great start, Bowers showed why he was odds on betting favourite with a top notch run that saw him break the tape in 11.54 seconds. Reilly emerged second, while Grieve and Marshall dead heated for third place.

Full event report and pictures in this week’s Southern Reporter, out on Thursday.


Youths’ 800m: 1, A. Innes (Moorfoot) 185m; 2, J. Amos (Jed AC) 190m; 3, J. Kinghorn (Chirnside) 160m. winning time: 1 minute 50.43 seconds.

800m Open: 1, P. Cameron (Edinburgh) 55m; 2, J. McIntosh (Kelso) 60m; 3, N. Cox (Morpeth Harriers) 30m. 1 minute 53.53 seconds.

110m Open: 1, C. Bowers (Glenrothes) 9m; 2, K. Reilly (EAC) 8m; 3=, L. Marshall (Hawick) 6m, C. Grieve (TLJT) 6.5m. 11.54 seconds.

Youths’ B 90m: 1, K. Martin (Lasswade AC) 23m; 2, A. Bryce (TLJT) 18.5m; 3, A. Campbell (Hawick) 19.5m. 9.76 seconds.

Youths A 90m: 1, S. Turnbull (Peebles) 20m; 2, G. Goodfellow (TLJT) 18m; 3, N. Turnbull (Peebles) 20m. 9.92 seconds.

1600 Open: 1, R. Burns (Pitreavie AC) 270m; 2, K. Stevens (Moorfoot) 195m; 3, J. Thomson (Glenrothes) 200m. 4 minutes 12.70 seconds.

Youths’ 1600m: 1, M. Dougall (TLJT) 240m; 2, J. Brown (Chirnside) 360m; 3, J. Amos (Jed AC) 350m. 4 minutes 12.21 seconds.

200m Open: 1, C. Sowerby (Seaton) 28m; 2, D. McKay (Kelso) 36m; 3, F. Neil (Kelso) 26m. 20.82 seconds.

Youths B 200m: 1, C. Rae (Hawick) 61m; 2=, K. Martin (Lasswade) 44m; 3, A. Bryce (TLJT) 35m. 23.06 seconds.

Youths’ A 200m: 1, C. Clamp (TLJT) 24m; 2, G. Goodfellow (TLJT) 37m; 3, N. Campbell (Hawick) 33. 22.84 seconds.