Borders athletes get on their marks

LOCAL track stars are set to go as the 2011 Border Games circuit kicks off with the first grass meeting of the season at The Haugh, Earlston, on Saturday.

And Borders athletes will be looking to get their season on track when a total of 58 line up for the main event of the day, the 90m open sprint handicap, with several of last year’s youths stepping up to take on the more experienced heads on the circuit.

Borderers’ marks for the 90m sprint handicap: J. Parker (Hawick) 5.5m; D. Rae (Hawick) 5.5m; D. Tomlinson (Jed AC) 6m; P. Denholm (Melrose) 8m; S. Common (TLJT) 18.5m; S. Harrison (Jed AC) 5m; J. Flemming (Kelso) 7m; D. Edwards (TLJT) 8.5m; L. Goodfellow (TLJT) 11m; M. Cockburn (Selkirk) 12m; J. Paxton (Hawick) 13.5m; C. Gillan (TLJT) 6m; S. Scott (TLJT) 10m; G. Keen (Selkirk) 10m; R. Trimby (Hawick) 11.5m; M. Fleming (Kelso) 11.5m; D. Prowse (Hawick) 8m; D. Lauder (Hawick) 10.5m; T. Finkle (TLJT) 11m; G. Scott (TLJT) 21m; I. Barskanmay (Jed AC) 4m; C. Grieve (TLJT) 5.5m; C. Murray (TLJT) 9m; D. Grieve (Hawick) 12.5m; D. McKay (Kelso) 13m; A. Smith (Selkirk) 8m; C. Bruce (Selkirk) 8.5m; D. Ali (Hawick) 9m; F. Welsh (TLJT) 10m; D. Hush (Hawick) 17.5m; E, Douglas (Jed AC) 17.5m; L. Gillie (Kelso) 18.5m; A. Stanners (Selkirk) 7m; L. Notman (Hawick) 7.5m; R. Weir (Hawick) 17m; C. Douglas (Selkirk) 17.5m; J. Steede (TLJT) 23m; G. Turnbull (TLJT) 3.5m; N. Godsmark (Selkirk) 10.5m; G. Wilson (Hawick) 13m; B. Scott (TLJT) 16.5m; D. Bryson (Hawick) 17m.

As well as the sprint, a full card of adult and junior races will also be on offer at the Earlston event which goes under starter’s orders at 1pm.

Also this week, details of the qualification for the Borders Sport and Leisure Trust Classic at Tweedbank Sports Centre on Sunday, August 28, have been released.

The event will be run over a distance of 150m in lanes and will be handicapped. Invited athletes will be charged £10 entry fee (refundable on competing).

The event will be made up from winners and finalists of adult sprint and 200m lap races at each member games – with five points for second place, three points for third and one point for other finalists.

Also invited will be 90m and 100m Borders athletics champions.

The maximum number of invites will be 36.

In the event of a tie in the number of points a simple lottery will take place.

Athletes must have competed in a minimum of three member games to qualify.

Prizes for the Classic will be: 1st – £500, 2nd – £250, 3rd – £150, other finalists £100. More details on other events at the meeting will be revealed during the season.