Borderers take on the best in Scotland

Borders Badminton under 12s held their own at Largs.
Borders Badminton under 12s held their own at Largs.
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Scottish Primary Schools Championships - Perth

SEVEN girls and six boys from around the Borders’ primary schools took part in this national tournament held in Perth.

The boys’ singles started first with Robbie Patterson (Eyemouth) leading the way as the only boy to make it into the A section.

The girls, on the other hand, did much better with Annabelle Young (West Linton) Linsey Young (Broomlands, Kelso) and Lizzie Edmondson (Coldingham) getting into the A section with Annabelle going all the way to the semi-finals to finish third – a great achievement.

The remaining boys and girls made it through to the B section in the singles.

In the doubles, Gregor Murray and Calum Smith (Duns) made it to the B championship quarter- finals and Leona Rhind and Keira Waddell (Duns) won the B championship final.

Anglo-Scottish UNDER-12s – Largs

ONCE again, this tournament at the National Inverclyde Centre of Excellence was a fabulous experience for the local players.

They were up against the very best and were hopeful after their recent third place in Ashington. The high stakes in this event, however, meant that several of the sides felt the need to merge their teams.

Taking the elite players from the west out of Argyle and Bute, Renfrew and Ayrshire, the Lothian side took in West, Mid- and East Lothian, as well as the Edinburgh schools teams, with Clyde taking in Glasgow and Lanark.

The Borders, on the other hand, stayed true to themselves and took them all on as one Scottish Border Team and they played superbly.

The top two singles players Robbie Patterson (Eyemouth) and Annabelle Young (West Linton) took a few scalps, including the Scottish No1 under-11 boy and No7 girl with both running several other top development squad players close.

The team were put into various combinations of level doubles and mixed to try to get as many points as possible. Day one saw them go down to the big guns and joined-up teams of Clyde (6-4), West (6-4), Lothian (10-0), and Yorkshire (7-3). Day 2 was much easier with the Borderers going down 5-5 (losing on points) to Northumberland but beating Durham (9-1) and Cumbria (7-3).

UNDER-14 – East Lothian

GAVIN MacquarRie (Duns) and Fraser Young (Kelso) lifted the B championship doubles title in this knock-out tournament.

Gavin did well to win his first-round match to get into the A championship, only to get knocked out in the second round. Meanwhile, Fraser had mixed luck in getting two byes before coming up against the eventual winner Alex Dunn.

His run in the B section took him into the quarter-final stages. Also representing the Borders were Catherine McQuarrie and Joanne Deucher (Duns) who both got into the B section before coming up against more older and more experienced stronger players.

Derek Sim Memorial Under-12s & Under-15s – Prestwick

FRASER Young (Kelso) got the shuttle flying for the region by battling well against the other outstanding under-15 players in an interesting but very long day in Prestwick.

Due to a low entry it was decided to make each of the pool and knock-out games three sets to 21 which is very tough for these youngsters. Fraser’s singles did not go too well for him, but he eventually went out in the B knock-out stage in a three-setter.

However, after going through from his pool into the B doubles championship, he won the final with Stewart Dobbie, his partner from Argyle and Bute.

The under-12s did much better, with two Scottish development squad players – Robbie Patterson of Eyemouth and Annabelle Young of West Linton – coming through into the A championship from their pools only to be put out by the No1 and No3 seeds respectively. They performed even better in the doubles by getting to the finals of the A championship, only to be pipped in three sets.

These two youngsters have had a fantastic end to their season and are still continuing to improve. They also attend Scottish development training three times a week in Edinburgh and Glasgow.