Borderers hit league leaders for five

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Borders Fjordhus 5



Borders hosted the league leaders at Tweedbank on Saturday, beginning the second half of the season.

The first quarter was dominated by GHK, but Fjordhus settled and began to get into their own rhythm.

Sarah Robertson opened the scoring, dribbling to the top of the circle and placing her shot in the bottom left of the goal.

Borders continued to apply the pressure from great play down the right by Rachael Hunniford. The pressure paid off and a free hit was quickly taken by Janet Jack, who found Laura McLean at the far post for a 2-0 half-time lead.

GHK came back in the second period and scored after 10 minutes through their centre midfielder.

But the home side once again retaliated and continued to clear any threat calmly out of the defence.

A long ball was played in which the GHK keeper thought was going out at the back line, but instead hit the far post to stay in play for speedy McLean to pick up and slot past the keeper.

GHK were never out of the game, but player-of-the-match, goalkeeper Gillian Forsyth, kept Borders ahead by producing some outstanding saves. The homesters’ fourth goal came from hard work in the midfield, allowing Elena Lunn to shoot past the keeper.

With minutes to go, Robertson got her second with a strike which deflected off a GHK player’s stick and into the goal.

Borders Fjordhus: G. Forsyth, P. Bell, R. Hunniford, J. Scott, C. Townsend, J. Jack, L. Anderson, K. Cornwall, D. Fairbairn, E. Lunn, L. McLean, S. Robertson.