Berwick Bandits live on Sky

SKY TELEVISION are to screen the Premier League clash between north-eastern rivals Berwick Bandits (who are sponsored in 2013 by New Holland Agriculture) and Newcastle Sapphire Engineering Diamonds.

The match will be shown live on Sky Sports 1 at 7.30pm (parade at 7.15pm) on Tuesday, May 21 – with the images beaming to over 20 counties worldwide, including leading speedway nations such as Australia, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

The Bandits’ management have invited their supporters to fill the screen, and give viewers extra entertainment.

“We want to put on a big show,” said promoter John Anderson.

“Some folk, I know, are already planning to come in fancy dress – great.

“We will have a prize to award to the best fancy dress captured by the cameras, so don’t be shy.”

The border club’s promotion have emphasised that, with this being a, first time in 45 years, chance to be part of live speedway going around the world from Berwick, locals shouldn’t be tempted into sitting at home to watch it, that’s what your Sky-plus facility is for,” said club director George Hepburn.

“Come out to the meeting, bring the kids in free, pay your tenner, enjoy it all as it happens, and be able to say ‘I was there’. Then and only then, go home and watch it, and see yourself and the family, all over again.”

Amid the extra hullabaloo created by the arrival of the Sky Sports team, the fact of the actual meeting to be broadcast being a vital Premier League contest between the two Northumbrian speedway teams must not be overlooked.

Newcastle are as ever, aiming high and have clear intentions of picking up points home and away.

The home side have been revitalised by the stunning signing of Edward Kennett, whose debut for Berwick last Saturday began with a crash (while leading) into the track’s polyfoam fence barrier, but carried on with Kennett then racing unbeaten by an opponent for the rest of the evening.

The French Bandit, David Bellego, returns to the line-up after an unsuccessful attempt to reach the final stage of the World U-21 Championship, one round of which is to be staged at Berwick in August.


Berwick ‘New Holland’ Bandits: 1, Edward Kennett; 2, David Bellego; 3, Robin Aspegren; 4, Matty Wethers; 5, Kozza Smith (captain); 6, Paul Starke; 7, Nicki Barrett.

Newcastle ‘Sapphire Engineering’ Diamonds: 1, Stuart Robson (captain); 2, Andrew Tully (rider-replacement); 3, Christian Henry; 4, Ludvig Lindgren; 5, Richie Worrall; 6, Lewis Kerr; 7, Steve Worrall.