Bandits battle to a draw

Work’ton Comets 45

Berwick Bandits 45

The Bandits have a decent record at Derwent Park against the Comets, and again put in a good performance in the last League Cup group match of the year.

After a subdued start Richard Hall and Alex Edberg excelled in heat two, jetting away for a 1-5 to level the match 6-all. Thomas Jorgensen took heat three following a cracking four laps jousting with Rene Bach, and with skipper Doolan overpowering former Bandit Matthew Wethers, the 2-4 put Berwick 8-10 up.

Berwick lost direction somewhat until heat 10 when Hansen shot wide round Jorgensen and collided with the fence, landing on top of the barrier, and while he walked back to the pits he was withdrawn from the meeting. In the re-run Jorgensen and Doolan hit a solid 1-5, narrowing Comets’ lead to four.

Going into the last two races, Workington led 42-36, but a 1-5 and 2-4, with Jorgensen enjoying the hero’s role in the final outing, tied the match.

Bandits face Plymouth Devils in Premier League action at Shielfield on Saturday, starting at 7pm.