Back to life in the fast lane for Lauder sidecar team

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LESS than a year after undergoing major heart surgery, Lauder sidecar supremo Steve Kershaw is ready to get back on his bike, along with co-rider Robin Wilson, and challenge for the 2014 British Championship.

The 27-year-old joiner has had a heart condition since birth and still managed to lead an active lifestyle, but early in 2013 a routine scan showed the problem had deteriorated and Kershaw underwent a nine-hour procedure in July last year.

He told The Southern: “The surgeon told me that when I came round it would be like getting hit by a bus. I didn’t believe them, but it was.

“After three days I was walking again, and they told me if I could do the stairs I could go home. Day four, I did the stairs!

“After that it was back to basics really, more stairs, walk to the end of the drive then round the garden and so on. I had to completely rebuild my strength as the op had taken all my upper body muscle. I couldn’t even sit up in bed without help for two weeks, but I was back to work three months later, which was exactly when the doctors said I would be.”

The procedure was a complete success and since Christmas Steve has been training hard. On February 8, Kershaw Racing made the very long trip to Cartagena in southern Spain for four days of testing on their F1 LCR Sidecar.

Steve told us: “I was determined to get well and fit again as many people thought my racing career was over.

“I feel more competitive than ever before. I’m hungry for it having not raced for a year. I’m fit and now fixed and I want to prove that we can once again compete with the best in Britain.”

Having had time on the bike to reflect on their performance and fitness, the team will now compete in as many Scottish meetings as possible, starting with East Fortune on April 12 and 13 before heading off to Brands Hatch for round one of the British Championship the following weekend.

Steve would like to thank his wife, family, team-mates and friends. “Their support made the recovery a lot easier,” he said.

The team also thanked everyone for the support that has made it possible to compete at the level they are at.

Anyone interested in helping the team should confirm their support by the end of March at or call Steve on 07886 674355.

All British Championship rounds will be covered live on British Eurosport in conjunction with the British Super Bikes.