Athletes are invited to come and tri it out

SPORTS mad Borderers are being urged to try the increasingly popular pastime of triathlon.

The Border Triathlete Club (BTC) is keen to develop and promote the sport and is opening it up to all abilities, ages and sexes.

Last year the club ran the first Junior Aquathon (swim/run) to introduce the sport to youngsters from eight years to 16. Initially a training day was held prior to the event to familiarise the competitors with the sport and the routes. The actual event was a huge success, attracting 70 competitors. The club intends to run another such event this year and hopes soon to start junior training at Selkirk swimming pool.

As well as encouraging young athletes the club has two adult coaching sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, led by three qualified triathlon coaches.

Monday’s session (7pm at Tweedbank) is on the track. Bikes are added after April while Wednesday (6pm at Selkirk swimming pool) sees a run then swim, or bike and swim depending on the light.

Many athletes are keen to attempt a triathlon, but are reluctant to do so as they feel that their swimming in not up to scratch. BTC hope to remedy this by offering swimming coaching on Saturday, February 5, 12, 19, 26 at Selkirk swimming pool from 9-10am.

This is aimed at the less confident swimmer, but those who can attempt four lengths, with the goal of entering the Borders Series Come & Tri. This will involve a swim of 16 lengths.

All potential triathletes, get along to the pool now or get further details from