At least Adair’s score wasn’t goosed

TIES between the British Longbow Society and the Royal Company of Archers were reinforced at the weekend as the two groups got together in a joint clout shoot – the first of its kind – in the beautiful grounds of Gardyne Castle in Angus.

Everything about the day was absolutely memorable – from the superb hog roast lunch to the convivial atmosphere; from the way both camps readily mixed to the horrendous crosswinds that tested the mettle of even the finest archer.

And, keeping up with the new spirit of bonhomie and mutual co-operation, there could have been no better winner of the Gardyne Goose than a man who joyously stands with a foot in both camps – Ettrick Forest Archers’ resident RCA member Adair Anderson from Selkirk. Host William Gray-Muir took the silver medal for the double clout round, while Green Hollow Bowmen’s Hugh McBrien and Bosco Hazard were also in the prizes, with Hazard winning the shoot-off.

In the ladies’ double clout, it was another Souter – Elaine Pearson – who soared to victory.

After victories at Kilwinning and Culzean, Pearson added this historic setting to her growing list of places she has won at – with 43 hits for a score of 106, including one clout, and also beat old rival, Highland’s Barbara Campbell, in the shoot-off.

If Elaine is the Queen of the Castles, then the rest of the travelling Ettrick Forest crew must be the dirty rascals. Mike Pearson, Doug Anderson, Frank Brown, William Good and Kevin Janiak struggled with the wind all day – nothing at all to do with the hog roast.

It is hoped that this will become a bi-annual, if not an annual, event. 

On the Sunday, club members met to tackle the elements once again, for the club clout competition at Thirladean.

And some of them were hardy souls who had shot the day before at Gardyne. Elaine was the only lady who shot, while Doug Anderson got rid of the frustrations of the previous day by winning outright, with no less than three clouts in his score.

Results: Ladies: 1, Elaine Pearson 49, 127, 2. Gents: 1, Doug Anderson 17, 52, 3; 2, Martin Stillie 22, 43, 0; 3, Alan Lindsay 19, 39, 0; 4, Mike Pearson 10, 24, 0; 5, Frank Brown 11, 21, 0.