Ashworth on mend as Bandits finalise 2014 team line-up

Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth
Berwick Bandits Speedway'Ricky Ashworth

SPEEDWAY rider Ricky Ashworth is continuing to make progress as he recovers from his injuries following a horrific accident earlier this year.

Ashworth, the former Berwick Bandits’ captain, spent 91 days in a coma after he suffered a knock to the head in a crash whilst racing for the Tweedsiders at Scunthorpe at the beginning of August.

He is now in hospital near his home in Salford, where his family continue to visit him every day.

And last week his dad Dave, who has kept fans updated on his son’s progress over the last few months, gave news on his latest development, when he wrote in a post on Facebook: “Ricky hasn’t been able to swallow since his accident, good news ... he’s now gained strength in his throat, enough for him to enjoy a few drinks throughout the day, as well as a yogurt!

“Each teaspoon he has is ‘wow, that tastes so nice dad.’

“I must say, I never thought I’d get so much pleasure and happiness watching my son eat a yogurt.

“I’m so proud to be his dad. I’m totally amazed at his strength and determination.

“It’s been a great week. I’ve been making him hot chocolate before he goes to sleep. His sleep pattern is also getting better. There’s still along way to go, but he’s assured me he is determined and can’t wait to come home.”

Meanwhile the Shielfield Park outfit have just completed their team for next season. They are (not in riding order): Matthew Wethers (Australia), Steen Jensen (Denmark), Kevin Doolan (Australia), Liam Carr (Great Britain), David Bellego (France), Claus Vissing (Denmark), Matej Kus (Czech Republic).