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Results for The Golden Bannock/Winter League/November – weekly winners: A. Thompson 68; A. Thompson 64; L. Douglas 68; M. D. Smith 69. Monthly result: 1, A. Thompson 132; 2, M. D. Smith 140; 3, W. Hunter 141.

Twos sweep winners: A. Thompson, M. D. Smith, C. Douglas.

The Woll

Winter League round five: S. 1, James 36 points; 2, V. Green 35; 3, R.Cowan 35. Two best scores winner for November, M.Hogg.

A very enjoyable and well-attended dinner and prize-giving was held at the Woll Restaurant on Friday, November 26.

All those who were unable to attend, but have prizes and vouchers, can collect from reception.