Around the greens

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IT WAS a case of so near yet so far last week when the A team played local rivals Waverley away.

Abbotsford had the better start and at one point were 12 shots in front, but Waverley pulled back and won the game by one shot.

The B team continued their good form against Gala B at home with another win, and they climb to second place in the B league.

On Friday, Abbotsford met Gala at Stow in the Top Ten competition, and after wins for the pair, triple and rink, will now meet Waverley in the next round this Friday on the Gala green.


The last match in the Hamilton Trophy series saw the Borders up against Midlothian at Polton.

The match was important to Midlothian, who needed a win to give themselves a chance of securing a quarter-final place, but it didn’t start too well for them.

This happy situation for the Borders continued for some time and at the halfway point there was just one shot separating the two teams.

The match was delicately poised over the last few ends. The result was not certain until the very last end when the Borders had a four-shot lead. Midlothian needed five to win, knowing that a draw was not enough. They only secured the one shot and the Borderers gained a magnificent victory to end the campaign for 2012.

The best performance came from David Smart (Peebles), Stuart Anderson (Wilton), Reece Taylor (Wilton) and Graeme Forsyth (Chirnside).

On Sunday, the under-25s had a match against Edinburgh & Leith at the Leith green.

The young Borderers suffered early problems, but at 10 ends the lead for their opponents was just eight shots. However, in the second half, the capital bowlers began to pull away, building up a 20-shot lead.

There was a fightback towards the end of the match, but in the end, the Borders lost by 132-115.5, taking into consideration the loss of a quarter of the score on a rink reduced to three players.

By far the best rink for the Borders was A. Kerr (Ayton), W. Brownlee (Waverley), C. Donaldson (Gordon) and J. Mitchell (Chirnside).

This Sunday, the under-25s have their last league match against Midlothian at Loanhead Miners Welfare, not Polton as originally intended.


TWO of the Borders’ most respected bowling families went head-to-head in the final of the Earlston Open Pairs on Saturday.

The weather stayed fine for most of the day which saw 16 teams compete for the title.

After an action-packed day which produced many closely fought ties, the final arrived with Greenlaw mother and son team Alison and Neil Kellett take on Earlston’s father and son outfit George and Alexander Moffat. After a game that was won on the last bowl of the last end, the Kellett’s emerged victorious with a 5-4 scoreline. Talk about down to the wire! Celebrations continued well into the evening.


The week started with an important senior league clash at home to Wilton, who, like Gala, had only lost one match so far.

As expected, Wilton proved to be tough opposition and it was only the final ends which determined the winner. The result went in favour of Gala, continuing the current run of success which has now put them on top of the league.

On Wednesday, the A team finally managed to complete another league match this time against Earlston on the Gala green. Unfortunately, one player was missing on the night resulting in a loss of points.

As the match progressed a win began to look unlikely and, despite a late effort, this proved to be the case as Earlston took the victory.

Once again, attempts to play one of the postponed matches were again thwarted by the continuing bad weather, but a senior fours match was possible against St Ronan’s at Stow on the Thursday afternoon.

With the Innerleithen club ahead from the start, ill fortune met the Gala team when one player was forced to retire after slipping on the mat. The remaining three players continued, but conceded after 12 ends.

The weather was not an issue in the Top Ten on the Friday night when the Stow venue was used for the match against Abbotsford. There was a narrow victory in the singles, but Abbotsford secured a win in the other three categories.

For the club members, entries are still needed for various matches to come, including the Border Burghs. There are 12 names needed for this particular event and members should add their names to the list as soon as possible to ensure a full team can be entered.


Stevie Barker and Kevin Irving from the Langholm Old Town bowling club won the open pairs tournament at Hawick last Saturday.

In the final, they defeated Alan Nixon from Gretna, who was playing with Robert Phillips from Langholm.

Semi-finalists were Colin Turk and Grant Fletcher from the Langholm Old Town, and Gretna pair Jim Little and James Johnston.

The tournament was sponsored by Porters Porches and Conservatories.