Around the fairways

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VICTORY Cup: A slight change to the cup brought all contenders together for a medal round of foursomes.

The Winter League transfer window is still open, so it was somewhat surprising to see Scottish Water being represented by Dougie King and John Laing.

However, their 64.5 was not only good enough to win the Victory Cup, but should put to bed any rumours that John was looking to upgrade for the coming winter.

Result: 1, D. King and J. Laing 79-14.5-64.5; 2, W. G. Ritchie and J. Thomson 79–11–68.

October Medal: 1, W. J. Taylor 80–7-73.


GLENFIDDICH Greensomes: 1, J. R. H. Taylor and J. A. Anderson 79-17.5-61.5; 2 (equal), S. J. Anderson and B. Anderson 72-9-63, J. Black and M. Lockie 81-18-63, T. Pringle and K. Hush 69-6-63.


JOCK Borthwick Trophy: 1, F. Cockburn 40pts (19); 2, A. Napier 39 (15); 3, L. Smith 38 (16).


LADIES’ Sweep: J. Craig 97-21-76; A. Wright 96-16-80.

Ladies’ Invitational: B. Davis and C. Purves; J. Craig and F. Kerr.

Gents’ Invitational: A. Gillie and I. Mathewson, D. Main and I. Drysdale.

The annual club dinner and prizegiving is on November 16 – tickets can be booked at reception.