Around the fairways


Borderways Seniors Winter League: Winner, R. Johnson nett 31.


Winter League (round 16): 1, S. Bell 38 points; 2, A. Brunton 36; 3, A. McNicol 36. Twos: S. Batchelor, R. Cowan, T. Davies, A. Lindores.

Winter League (round 17): 1, A. Brunton 38 points; 2, S. Brown 38; 3, C. Tait 37. Twos: S. Batchelor, A. Brunton.

Two best scores in February: A. Brunton.

Six best scores in the Winter League: A. Lindores 220 points; A. Brunton 219 points.

The club would like to thank Selkirk butchers Halliwells and Waters for their sponsorship during the Winter League.