Archers take a bow and target success during spring contest

The Ettrick Forest archers with their fellow enthusiasts.
The Ettrick Forest archers with their fellow enthusiasts.

Last Saturday, while many watched the Melrose Sevens in glorious sunshine, Ettrick Forest archers hosted the Scottish Spring Target Championship.

The event was staged on behalf of the British Long Bow Society and the ladies shot a Double National, being the principal round for women.

A total of 48 shots at 60 yards and 24 shots at 50 yards, repeated in the afternoon, gave a total of 144 arrows.

Winner of the Alan Beatie Trophy was Ettrick Forest’s Penny Axon, with a score of 60 hits, 250 scored and four golds. The other medallists were Ev Craig and Jackie Hale of EFA, while Logan Fairbairn was the junior medallist.

The gents shot the longer premier distance round for men of 72 arrows at 100 yards 48 arrows at 80 yards and 24 arrows at 60 yards.

Winner of the Alan Beatie Trophy, and the best gold at 100 yards was EFA chairman Doug Anderson, with a score of 50 hits, 216 scored and three golds, while the other medallists were EFA’s Terry Dakin and Jason Fairbairn.

On Sunday, the archers again took to the field to shoot the clout distances of 180 yards for men and 120 yards for ladies in the Andrew McKay Memorial Clout.

Unlike the target, the Clout sees the archers try to get as close to the ground mark as possible from a much further distance. Points are scored for the proximity to the clout, or for hitting it.

The ladies’ winner, with 40 hits 100 score 0 clouts, was Barbara Campbell of Highland Longbows and the other medalists were Jackie Hale of EFA and E. Normand of Green Hollow.

Barbara Campbell also won the special shoot-off by ends, beating EFA’s Jackie Hale, Liz Rodgers and Kerry Holmes.

In the men’s section, the winner, with 34 hits, 100 scored and 0 clouts, was EFA’s Adair Anderson. The other medallists were Doug Anderson and Jimmy Stillie, both from EFA.

In the shoot-off by ends, EFA was again successful, with Alan Lindsay taking it on a measure from Jimmie Stillie, Green Hollow’s John McKellar and Kilwinan’s Ned O’Niel.