Archers stamp their authority on Postal

ETTRICK Forest Archers have completed their four-month marathon that is the Postal Portsmouth competition – and four members in particular look to be in with a shout.

The contest is run nationwide by the British Longbow Society – and the EFA’s Ettrick team could stand a chance in the team competition with some outstanding scores.

The event runs from November to February – with the best two scores of each month – and the best three of four months – being recorded.

All four members – Colin Cairney (360 hits, 126 golds, 37 inners, 2522 score), Alan Lindsay (360, 102, 25, 2476), Ian Bradshaw (360, 92, 33, 2430) and Mike Pearson (360, 89, 28, 316) have shot at least two rounds per month with the maximum amount of hits (60) and thumping a good few golds in to boot, giving them a good chance of beating the cream of the crop from down south.

Also shooting well in the Ettrick team were Elaine Pearson (360, 75, 29, 2154), Doug Anderson (360, 68, 25, 2140), Jim Craig (356, 50, 10, 1802) and Keith Taylor (246, 24, 8, 1102).

Other archers recording individual scores included: Trevor Austin (265, 21, 7, 1133); Joe Scott (254, 19, 7, 1174); Adair Anderson (221, 35, 8, 1231); William Good (172, 12, 3, 786); Tom Taylor (113, 7, 1, 486) and Ev Craig (80, 5, 1, 336) – although not all of these archers recorded full scores, their average hit rates were all considerably up from this time last year.

It will take until at least later this month for the BLBS to accumulate the scores from across the country, but fingers are crossed that the club will do well.

The club now turns its attentions to the outdoor season, with the first monthly club clout competition of year taking place this Sunday at Philiphaugh.

See TheSouthern next week for an update of the club’s exciting plans for the season, including two new come-and-try events.