Archers on target

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ETTRICK Forest Archers are continuing to post extraordinary scores in the British Longbow Society’s Postal Portsmouth competition.

In particular, the Ettrick team of Alan Lindsay, Mike Pearson, Colin Cairney and Ian Bradshaw are really hitting the mark with another month of perfect scores.

The archers take their best two results of the month and pitch them up against the very best in the UK. And although the final scores from across the country will not be known until the competition closes at the end of February, the signs are that the Selkirk men are one of the top teams.

Also scoring well for the Yarrow team are Douglas Anderson and Elaine Pearson, both of whom also have perfect scores, and Jim Craig, who continues to improve month on month.

Full aggregate scores for February are: Ettrick – Alan Lindsay 120 hits, 28 gold, 7 inners, 784 score; Mike Pearson 120, 26, 10, 800; Colin Cairney 120, 50, 15, 880; Ian Bradshaw 120, 25, 6, 808. Yarrow – Douglas Anderson 120, 20, 6, 732; Elaine Pearson 120, 27, 10, 748; Jim Craig 117, 17, 3, 615; Keith Taylor did not shoot. Individual scorers: Joe Scott (one round) 49, 4, 4, 233.