Archers deadly calm at Thirladean

A WEIRD burning ball of gas in the sky and a noticeable lack of wind met the competitors in Ettrick Forest Archers’ BLBS Harvest Clout on Sunday – conditions which the hardy Borderers are not exactly used to.

This was reflected in the fact that there were few locals in the medals as archers from all over the country made a successful raid.

However, there were a couple of notable EFA exceptions, who somehow managed to brave the strange weather and recorded superb scores. Once again, club junior Sam Mackay notched another personal best on the 120yd range, a stunning 51 hits for a score of 131, including no less than three clouts.

And on the 180yd clout, Doug Anderson was in imperious form in the first round, hitting 21 times for a score of 67, including two six-pointers, earning him a bronze medal. Alan Fleming beat everyone, however, scoring 46, 127, 6 to win the silver medal.

Unfortunately, the local ladies had no answer to Highland archer Barbara Campbell’s 62, 171, 2, while Betty Wylie took the first round and Emma Gillies claimed the second.

It was couples’ day in the best ends shoot-off, Kilwinning archer Gillies triumphed for the ladies, while her partner Scott Notman won it for the gents, both by half a bow length.

Organisers thanked Sir Michael Strang Steel, owner of the field at Thirladean, and Elaine, Wendy and Joshua Mackay for organising the half-time refreshments.

Overall EFA scores for double clout round – Ladies and juniors: 3, Sam Mackay 51, 131, 3; 7, Elaine Pearson 47, 118, 1; 10, Ev Craig 22, 40, 0.

Gents: 2, Doug Anderson 42, 113, 2; 4, Martin Stillie 40, 89, 2; 6, Jimmy Stillie 38, 85, 0; 8, Richard Tice 34, 73, 0; 13, Mike Pearson 26, 7, 0; 16, Jim Craig 18, 38, 0; 17, Frank Brown 17, 38, 0; 18, Ian Bradshaw 17, 36, 0; 21, Kevin Janiak 16, 27, 0; 22, William Good 8, 15, 0.

The previous day, some of the members travelled up to Culzean for the BLBS Albion meeting.

Elaine Pearson won the bronze medal for most golds in the ladies’ class, Jimmy Stillie took the medal for highest score in the gents’, and Sam Mackay won the petticoats prize.

Scores: Alan Walker 78 hits, 370 score, 8 golds; Jimmy Stillie 76, 384, 11; Mike Pearson 72, 270, 2; Martin Stillie 65, 299, 4; Elaine Pearson 60, 232, 4l; Sam Mackay 50, 216, 2.

This Sunday sees the annual Philiphaugh Target shoot take place, taking the Western round format.

The first arrow is at 1pm.