Anyone for tennis? Certainly!

FOLLOWING our March article on Scotland’s oldest tennis team, they have been swamped with invites from other like-minded clubs, writes Fiona Scott.

Melrose Waverley’s Over-70s sent out a plea to clubs across Scotland for teams of a similar age to get in touch with a mind to setting up some matches.

And the outcome has been very positive.

The team’s oldest member Charlie Renton, 77, told TheSouthern: “Edinburgh Barton Park Tennis Club invited us to play a friendly match on their courts.

“We duly took up their offer and had an excellent day’s tennis and the hospitality was top-class.

“We have made new friends and have invited them back for a return match in Melrose.”

A second invitation came from Edinburgh Sports Club.

“We had our anticipated competitive match which we unfortunately lost, explained Charlie.

“However, we did win the total age aspect.

“They gave us a wonderful lunch, our wives (wags) included, and it was worth going to Edinburgh for that alone.

“Again we have made new contacts and have asked them to come to Melrose for a return event.”

Following the article in TheSouthern the media coverage of the ancient tennis sextet also went national through a press agency in Edinburgh and the team also appeared on the ITV’s Lookaround programme.

Charlie commented: “Although all our skills were only partly observed, enough was seen to glimpse the potential.”

Melrose Waverley Over-70s meet twice a week and comprise of six players, having an astonishing age total of 448.

Until March, the Melrose old guard were finding it difficult to find other teams that fall within their age bracket.

“There have been overtures from Aberdeen and Glasgow for possible oldies matches, but we have not heard from Wimbledon yet,” added Charlie.