Anniversary antics for Teviotdale

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THE first race of Teviotdale Harriers’ 125th year celebrations saw a good turnout in Wilton Lodge Park for the Christie Cup Race.

The U15/17 Boys was a close finish with Harry Marshall just nipping Nathanael Jones on the line.

The women’s race was also a battle – between Ann Renwick, who led from the start, and Donna Inglis, with the latter the stronger finisher taking the honours in the last 10 metres.

Coach Alan Inglis said: “We had a total of 41 runners across the various age groups and saw some excellent individual performances.”


Girls: 1, C. Blaikie; 2, S. Allott; 3, L. Ash. Fastest actual time: C. Blaikie.

Boys: 1, F. Clyne; 2, L. Renwick; 3, S. Allott. Fastest actual time: F. Clyne.

U15/U17 Boys: 1, H. Marshall; 2, N. Jones; 3, J. Waugh. Fastest actual time: H. Marshall.

Ladies: 1, D. Inglis; 2, A. Renwick; 3, S. Grieve. Fastest actual time: P. Paxton.

Men: 1, C. Marshall; 2, P. Lockie; 3, J. McHugh. Fastest actual time D. Scott.