All goes pigs and whistles for Reivers

Reivers 1

Edinburgh University III 3


REIVERS welcomed their first league visitors of the season to a very warm and muggy Tweedbank on Saturday.

The game started at a frantic pace with the first opportunity falling to Spencer Pitman, who turned sharply in the circle and fired a shot towards the top corner, which was acrobatically saved by the visiting keeper.

Next was Scott Girvan with a drag flick from a short corner which was touched wide.

It was from another short corner that the scoring was opened by captain Graham Lofthouse – a slick training ground move which ended in a neat deflection around the stranded keeper.

The visitors upped the pace and started to move the ball well around the pitch, but the work of the Reivers meant most of this was lateral with little penetration. It was a moment of lost concentration that allowed the equaliser, a striker wriggling free of tacklers into the circle to shoot home.

The second goal was also cheaply given away, a soft shot from the top of the circle deflected past the keeper with non-existent marking allowing Uni attackers to move around freely.

At half-time the Reivers were very much still in it. The youngsters in the Uni team, however, had other ideas and began to control the game.

The Borderers’ defence withstood heavy pressure with the Students struggling to find the killer ball until, after a series of short corners, a straight shot ricocheted off a defender’s stick and into the corner of the goal.

The half continued in a similar vein with the Reivers struggling for parity in the middle of the pitch.

Overall, the best team won, but Lofthouse was unhappy to lose a year-long unbeaten run at home.

“I thought everything was just tickety-boo for the first 20 minutes, but it all went to pigs and whistles in the second half,” he commented.

Reivers: S. Young, S, Ramsay, B. Montgomery, D. Johnston, C. Stockdale, W. Dixon, G. Lofthouse, J. Fletcher, M. Kulow, S. Girvan, S. Pitman. Subs, P. Cairns, A. Bell. Match sponsor: Magenta Construction.