A happy new year for golfers

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WITHOUT a win last year Tom Welsh, aided by a rare bit of magic at the seventh where he had a scrumptious two, was in the prizes yet again.

The winter handicap secretary – a kind and gentle man – has apparently lost his patience and cut the little bandit’s handicap to the bone. A popular move, so it would seem.

Also on net 31 were Norman Roxburgh, whose scorecard was brightened by a run of 3, 2, 3 from the fifth, and Jim Farrell, who modestly claimed to never having put a foot wrong. So there.

Results: 1 equal, J. Farrell, N. Roxburgh and T. Welsh nett 31; 4 equal, G. Easson and P. Henderson 32.

Three of the five prizewinners had twos to win golfballs from Murray Cleghorn – N. Roxburgh, T. Welsh and P. Henderson.

There will be more of the same Winter Woollies Competitions over the next two weekends and then at the end of the month there will be a three-man Texas scramble. Three person, actually.

The Race Day on January 2 was a huge success. Thanks to all who attended and to Alan Wheelans and his team for the organisation.

The club’s AGM is on Wednesday, January 25 at 7.30pm in the clubhouse. Members are urged to attend to welcome their new captain, select a committee and to vote on next year’s subscriptions.



Winter League Round 9: 1, J. Heatley 33 points; 2, A. Lindores 29. Twos winner: A. Lindores.

Winter League Round 10: 1, A. Lindores 34 points; 2, J. MacKenzie 30. Twos winners: A. Lindores, J.MacKenzie.

The greenkeeper’s two best scores in December: 1, A.Lindores.

Waters the Butcher Winter League Rnd 11: 1, J. McWhinnie 32 points; 2, K. McDougall 32; 3, S. Batchelor 31.

Happy New Year to all members and friends of The Woll. The AGM will be held on Tuesday, January 31 at 7pm in the Hazelknowe suite.