A first for Wheelers, but same story for Darling

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ON MONDAY night, Kelso Wheelers held a 25-mile time trial for the first time on the Charterhall to Paxton road.

Eleven riders took part and the wet conditions made the corners very slippy, but yet again Kenny Darling mastered the tricky conditions to win in 57.36 minutes.

Other results: 2, J. Smith 59.37; 3, C. Stevenson 62.15; 4, A. Pogson 62.31; 5, R. Ure 63.33; 6, S. Gaunt 63.44; 7, D. Richardson 63.54; 8, R. Connell 64.45; 9, K. Wilson 66.15; 10, A. Ker 78.42.

This Monday sees a 12-mile time trial on the Orange Lane course. Riders should sign in no later than 6.30pm at Woodside Park.