A chance to get into the ring

HORSEriders are being offered the chance of a lifetime in a bid to bring an exciting new equestrian sport to the region, writes Fiona Scott.

Riders are being sought to travel to Denmark to learn the art of tilting – riding towards an ever-decreasing ring with a lance.

Tilting has been a part of medieval jousting demonstrations, but it is only in Jutland that it has developed into an intensely competitive and skilful sport.

Riders, aged between six and 80, on varied mounts, canter or gallop towards a ring suspended from a “gallows”, attempting to catch it with a steel-tipped lance.

The first ring is 22mm in diameter – and goes down to a mere 5mm.

The tilting festival weekends are similar to our common ridings, with hundreds of horses, flags, processions and bands.

The Danes are to export their unique sport to the Borders, with a working party of Danes and Scots to look at ways Scots can learn tilting, and take part in the 2012 Sonderborg Ringriding Festival. The only cost for an interested party would be the flight, with Borderers enjoying the hospitality of a Danish family.

The Danish hosts return in 2013 to stage the first tilting contest in Scotland for 450 years at the Borders Festival of the Horse.

For more info, contact abfraser@btinternet.com, alterntaively visit www.ringriderfesten.dk or www.bordersfestivalhorse.org