Kickboxing students make the grade

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Borders Martial Arts held a grading course, where 15 students were successful in passing higher grades in freestyle kickboxing.

Chief instructor John Wilson said the standard was high and everyone worked hard to gain their next belts.

Students gaining higher belts were: Chantelle McGregor and Rhys Hindhaugh (junior white belts); Liam and Jason Welsh (white belts); Ryan and Lewis Patterson (junior yellow belts); Scott Wait, Angus Nichol, Lisa McNaughton and Alison Paul (yellow belts); Donna Crump (orange belt); Freja Allen (junior green belt); Susanne Simpson (green belt).

The highest grades of the day went to Tony Bates and Derek Whitten who gained brown belts.

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All classes close for Christmas on Friday, December 16, and restart on Monday, January 9.