Kelso Racecourse looks ahead to a bright future

THE 2011/2012 season at Kelso Racecourse may well be over, but the outfit is already eager to improve attendance and increase prize money ahead of racing restarting on Sunday, October 7.

End-of-season figures have shown a six per cent increase in average daily attendance on last season, despite the disruptions in weather throughout.

Managing director Richard Landale said: “This is a very pleasing result, despite losing two meetings and having to manage extremes of weather.

“We will now sit down and finalise plans for next season, but hope the board will agree to leave admission fees at the same level”

The course has focused on increasing corporate hospitality throughout the season, and its persistence in striving for improvement has been rewarded with a 36 per cent increase in raceday hospitality packages.

Louise Grey, marketing manager, added: “Each year we ask if we can repeat last year’s successes and look at areas where we can improve.

“The increase in hospitality has been extremely encouraging, but we will not be resting on our laurels.”

The course is in the process of planning its race schedule for 2012/2013. Last season saw an upward curve in the total number of declared runners, and with an extra £50k being added to the prize money fund for next season, the course is looking forward to the positive effects this will have on their quality of racing.

Mr Landale continued: “Kelso has always striven to offer competitive prize money, but this has not been helped by the very significant drop in income from the Levy Board – a drop in excess of 50 per cent on payments to the Borders track.

“With the addition of a great deal from Betfair, long-standing supporters John Smiths and our recent transfer to RUK, we can offer a strong increases in prize money over the next three years, and maintain our position as one of the best small jumping tracks in Great Britain.”