Gala Gazelles glide to victory

Gala Gazelles glided to victory at the weekend in a netball tournament near Alnwick.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 23rd February 2017, 11:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 8:04 am
The Gala Gazelles at Boulmer.
The Gala Gazelles at Boulmer.

The local club fielded two teams to play against the Kelso Comets and hosts the Boulmer Flames when they crossed the Border on Sunday to compete in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland Social Netball Tournament.

The teams battled it out for winners’ medals at RAF Boulmer, with the Comets and Gazelles 1 taking to the court for the first match of the friendly competition.

Kelso was first to score but the Gala team rallied and soon netted the advantage over their Tweedside counterparts. With Gala dominating, the goal deficit increased and Gazelles 1 were victorious winning 13-4 against the Comets.

Next it was the turn of the hosts to play the Gazelles 2 team. In a lively, fast match, there was a flurry of goals from both teams with the Gala team managing to dampen down the Flames. The final scoreline was 20-11 to the Gazelles 2 team.

Boulmer Flames remained on court for a fiery clash against the Comets, with both teams looking for their first win of the tournament. Play started with both sides evenly matched but the flames sparked into action, landing a 13-7 victory against the Comets.

There was some friendly local rivalry next as the two Gala teams faced eachother for the fourth game of the tournament. Gazelles 1 were first to make an impression on the scoresheet but this was quickly remedied with Gazelles 2 quickly equalising and managing to keep play in their scoring

half for much of the game. The Gazelles 2 team came out on top with the final scoreline 17-2.

Gazelles 1 were next to face Boulmer in a close game which saw the Gala team only two goals ahead with two minutes to play. However, the Flames were unable swallow up the deficit with the Gazelles leaping to an 11-8 victory.

The final match saw another Borders clash with the Comets playing Gazelles 2. Again, the Gala team dominated in their shooting half, gaining possession and netting a volley of goals to finish the tournament unbeaten with the scoreline 13-2 in their favour.

With two points awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss, Gazelles 2 triumphed, netting the maximum six points and gaining medals for their victory. Fellow clubmates Gazelles 1 were second, with Boulmer third and Kelso fourth.

The Gazelle’s win means thhe next tournament will be hosted in Galashiels.