Souters in first-half disaster

Selkirk 1

Edinburgh University 4


SELKIRK were given a tough lesson in goal scoring during the opening half of this top-flight tussle.

The hosts just weren’t at the races as the game kicked off and the students took full advantage, galloping to a 4-0 lead at the break following two goals by James Brownie and one apiece from Dan Ward and Peder Beck-Friis.

The Souters’ new boss Bryan Templeton rang the changes at half-time which led to a more organised display, with Jason Inglis prominent in the sweeper’s role.

The newly-awakened Selkirk side managed to prevent any further scoring from their visitors, but a consolation goal from Des Sutherland was all they could manage in regards to closing the gap in the scoreline.

Selkirk: J. Dodds, S. Mackenzie, L. Stephens, E. Pritchard, B. Milven, S. Hardie, R. McManus, P. Hossack, J. Inglis, J. Gibson, D. Sutherland. Subs: G. Gass and T. Craggs.