Rock bottom

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JUST a week after almost walking away from his club, Selkirk FC manager Mike McKinnon has thrown himself into a rebuilding crusade.

And anyone who doesn’t want to play his way may well end up in the skip.

Following their disastrous 9-1 defeat at the hands of Dalbeattie Star a fortnight ago the Souters put in a far more positive performance against Vale of Leithen last weekend, despite losing 3-1. And McKinnon feels that his players are going in the right direction ahead of tomorrow’s fixture against East Kilbride (3pm).

“We seem to be getting players back slowly, which is helping,” he told The Wee Paper.

“Things hit rock bottom against Dalbeattie, but the way I now look at it is that rock bottom is the foundation on which you build your recovery.

“There were signs against the Vale that attitudes are changing, but I am still actively looking to add quality and the players whose attitudes don’t change will be released.”

The Souters actually appeared the more enterprising side last week with Phil Addison in particular putting in a good shift. Ultimately, they had only themselves to blame as sloppy defending and a willingness to give away possession proved to be their downfall. Jim Young and Ross Aitchison saw Vale 2-0 up at the break before Addison pulled one back in the 73rd minute.

Vale restored their two-goal cushion, however, when Keith Lough blasted home.