Players raise bowel cancer awareness

A group of fairly committed footballers took to Netherdale’s 3G pitch on Saturday evening in monsoon conditions to raise money and awareness of bowel cancer.

Organiser Paul Bertram had been approached by Gordon Elliot of the Healthy Living Network to put on the event.

Mr Elliot said: “I’m helping to promote the bowel cancer screening programme for NHS Borders and I spoke to Paul about putting on a charity match to raise awareness about bowel cancer in the Scottish Borders.

“There are 4,000 people in Britain every year diagnosed with bowel cancer. It’s the third most common cancer, for men, especially.

“It’s really important that people also realise what they can do about it as well, such as eating healthily and doing a bit of exercise.”

Mr Bertram told The Southern: “It’s a good cause. You are most at risk between the ages of 50 and 70 years old, but you don’t hear about it too often. You don’t see any events like this raising awareness – it’s kind of hidden in the background.

“I’ve got together a lot of guys who I have played with for many years now and it’s good to see a lot of them again.

“I’d like to thank our sponsor, Fountain News, who donated water and medals, Sharon and Kirsty for the energy drinks, the Healthy Living Network for paying for the pitch and all the players and supporters who have come out in such horrible conditions.”